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We coordinate community-based solar projects improving electrical, IT and broadband practices and policies.

In operation since 2015, Rewire Appalachia drives the still nascent solar and modern technology markets of our area. Rewire aims to triple the amount of solar power emanating from West Virginia and takes the electrical skill-sets learned from solar installations and applies them to a new workforce development system for broadband deployment.

We measure success according to the triple bottom line.





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Quality Jobs

The centerpiece of Coalfield’s operation is its Quality Jobs Initiative (QJI), a program that employs local youth – recent high school graduates to those in their twenties – to be boots on the ground for the organization’s…

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Theory of Change

Without spirit, without willpower, without opportunities for overcoming structural barriers, a full life feels unattainable. It is the Coalfield Development Corporation’s belief that the cause of so many woes…

We Must Believe

One hot July evening, I had a conversation with a contractor that literally went as follows: After pitching my green collar jobs idea, he responded: “Wayne County?!?! Wayne County has the laziest people I’ve ever…

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