Coalfield Development Employees Receive Affordable Transportation Opportunity


Wayne, WV- Coalfield Development finds new solution to old problems by connecting employees to affordable transportation. The pilot program in partnership with Good News Mountaineer Garage, The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, and Freedom Motors provides Coalfield Development crew members the opportunity to purchase reliable, affordable transportation.

Coalfield Development addressed a transportation need within their workforce for their crew members, a tenant for successful employment. So far, five out of six crew members have purchased their vehicles through the Good News Mountaineer Garage, based out of Charleston.

“We want to make sure that each car purchased fits the needs of our crew members,” said Scott Kline, Chief Financial Officer, Coalfield Development. “We understand that transportation is critical to maintain employment and provide for families.”

Within the program, every obstacle has been considered to overcome the hurdles of car ownership. Car insurance for these vehicles has also been subsidized for affordability, making it the first time for some of these car owners to have full coverage on their vehicles.

“Our mission for our 15 years of service has been to get West Virginia families safe reliable transportation,” said Asley Orr, Executive Director, Good News Mountaineer Garage. “We see and hear every day the obstacles of not having transportation, especially in the more rural areas of our state. And we can see how purchasing a safe, reliable vehicle is going to positively impact their lives every day.”

Orr shared a positive outcome of one of the recipients was the ability to travel together as family of four with reliable transportation that fit their family size. The Good News Mountaineer Garage was excited to collaborate with Coalfield Development to develop this program with support from the Benedum Foundation grant for an affordable vehicle loan program.

“As we conclude this pilot program, we hope to repeat it in the future and expand with more outreach,” said Kline. “We have seen how this partnership and this pilot program has changed lives in our community and we want to continue providing positive opportunities.”